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Curriculum Vitae

Chrysoula Katsavria - Sioropoulou
fmr. Member of the Greek Parliament for the Dept. of Karditsa under “SYRIZA” Party

CHRYSOULA KATSAVRIA – SIOROPOULOU was born and raised in Anavra village of Karditsa city in 1959. She is married to Dimitris Sioropoulos (agronomist) and a mother of three children.


She is a graduate in Decorative Art of school of Fine Arts "Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera" of Milan, Italy, with additional studies in Architectural Design - Interior Design, Styling and Animation.


She worked in Italy as a teacher at the exemplary "Μ. Montessori" School, as an archaeological findings designer at the "Castello Sfortzesco" Museum and as an animator at the Cultural Center "C.T.L. Pecetta" of Municipality of Milan. In Greece, she worked as a teacher at the Department of Early Childhood Education of Karditsa and in Primary Education Schools, as an executive of Municipality of Karditsa in the sectors of Culture, Social Policies and Book Promotion Policies. She has contributed substantially to the creation and operation of the Model Network of the 11 Children's Libraries of the Municipality of Karditsa.

She has been honored:

In 1998, with the "Scogliera d 'Argento" international prize in Catanzaro, Italy, for her contribution to culture and her contribution to the strengthening of Greece-Italy relations

In 2007, the Municipality of Tamasio in the Karditsa regional unit, as president of the Cultural Organization, for her contribution to the cultural development of the region

In 2010, from the Circle of the Greek Children's Book "IBBY", for the work she has done in the Municipality of Karditsa


In 2017 with 5th INTERNATIONAL AWARD "D. Bisbikis" in the Messina region of Italy, by the Federation of Greek Communities and Associations of Italy and the Greek Community of the Strait, for her important action in Greek culture, her sensitivity and contribution to the development of the relations between the Greek Diaspora of Italy and Greece.

She was an active member of the Left Student Movement of the Greeks of Italy, member of the "KNE-KKE" Party and then of the Coalition of the Left and Progress "Synaspismos" and "SYRIZA" Party. She has developed many years of union, cultural and social action in clubs and institutions. For many years, she was a member of "SYRIZA" Committee in the Department of Karditsa.

With active participation in Local Government, she served as Municipal Councilor of the Municipality of Tamasio - President of the Cultural Organization (2002-2006), Candidate Prefect of Karditsa (2006), Municipal Councilor - Vice-President of the Municipality of Sofades (since 2014).

She was Chairman and Member of the Board of Directors of the Union of Cultural Associations of  Karditsa, the "Athena" People's Library, the Educational Associations of Anavra, Leontari, the Municipal Conservatory of Karditsa, and President of Parents' Associations in Karditsa.

She was elected Member of the Greek Parliament for the Department of Karditsa under "SYRIZA" Party of Karditsa in January 2015 and was re-elected in September of the same year.

As Member of the Greek Parliament she has been also:

Member of the Standing Committee on Educational Affairs

Member of the Standing Committee on Social Affairs

Member of the Special Permanent Committee of the Hellenism of the Diaspora

Member of the Special Permanent Committee of the Regions

Member of the Parliament's Library Committee

Member of the Special Permanent Commission of the Prisons



President of the Parliamentary  Friendship Group of Greece - Poland

Secretary of the Parliamentary Friendship Group of Greece - The Netherlands

Member of the Parliamentary Friendship Group of Greece - Italy

Member of the Parliamentary Friendship Group of Greece - Australia

Contact info


office Karditsa

7 Nik. Plastira str., 43100 Karditsa - Greece

tel./fax  +30 2441 047 290

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